RESULTS: Electric Face Collection

From: Colin Hales (
Date: Sat Jan 19 2002 - 05:39:35 MST

Dear Folks,
I recently made a list request for a software face.
I thought I'd show you where it lead.

Please find attached a collection of links.
I have done my best to check the links are alive and relevant.

The one that will probably do the trick for me is
a C++ Sourceforge project.


Curtin University <
Facial Animation
Facial Models
Computer Graphics Groups <>

FACES: The Facial Animation, Construction and Editing System
Faceworks (DEC/Compaq)

Facial Animation Overview (Ohio)
Virtual Humans Architecture Group <>

The Center for Human Modelling and Simulation <
Center for Human Modeling & Simulation <>

EPFL Lig <>
Tinky, A Web-based Animated VRML Face (GMD Darmstadt)

Facial Animation, University of Washington (Pighin)
Candide <>
Face2Face <>
Digital Face Works <>
Haptek <>
LifeFX <>
Famous3D <>
MetaMotion <>
DigiMask <>
SourceForge <>
KurzweilAI <>
Singular Inversions (FaceGen) <>
Gesture and Narrative Language Group <>, MIT Media Laboratory
Microsoft Human Figure Animation Project)
The Persona Project <>, Microsoft
PPP Persona <>, DFKI
The Virtual Theater Project <>, Stanford
Improv <>, NYU

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