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From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Sat Jan 19 2002 - 04:52:14 MST

Yep. The few times I've been somewhere where public nudity was
ok for any length of time were quite eye-opening. :-)

Actually it usually went like this:
"Look at those young 20 - somethings with their absolutely
perfect bodies. If I looked like that I would be strutting
around too! I would look really awful beside them."

"Holy shit, look at those really flabby and out of shape people
in the nude! Even I look better than that!"

later still...
"Oh, it's time to leave. Oh yeah, that means I have to put
clothes on again. Bummer. Do I really have to go?"

Really, it took about a day to get used to the first time. Then
it didn't matter at all. People are no more sex objects (or
anti-sexy and repulsive) than they were before. Usually a lot
less on just a physical body level. Showing a lot of skin
becomes more neutral. You really do get used to it. And it was
incredibly freeing. I enjoyed it a lot.

- samantha

Amara Graps wrote:

> Spike wrote:
>>Regarding public nudity, there is a prominent nude beach near where
>>I grew up, just north of Kennedy Space Center, Playalinda beach.
> [...]
>>on the most perfect beach weather days. But the last thing one
>>will see after starting that hike and the first thing one will see at
>>the other end are countless naked people. That would be fine,
>>except for the fact that the kinds of people who generally go nude
>>on the beach are exactly those who you would really prefer not to
>>see naked. Ever. Not even in ones worst nightmare.
> Now now Spike. Naturist beaches and resorts are freedom, in an
> ultimate sense. What better way to see the marvelous variety of
> shapes and sizes in which the the human body manifests itself?
> Social roles, economic classes, sex roles reduced or removed,
> and we can be who we are, simply.
> "If it were perfectly natural to go nude, we'd all be born that way."
> General Naturist/Nudist Information
> Being and Nakedness
> REC.NUDE FAQ: Naturist Site Reports:
> The following pieces are from: Humorous Introduction to Naturism
> {begin quote}
> Nobody knows for certain exactly how many naturists there are in the
> world, but the numbers of those enjoying a clothes optional
> lifestyle appear to be increasing.
> Unfortunately, naturism still carries a stigma, born largely of
> ignorance of the truth. To some naturists are well meaning but
> slightly dotty individuals, who meander naked through wooded glades,
> pausing in catalogue poses behind strategically placed leaves. To
> others, they are immoral hedonists, congregating in mixed groups to
> enjoy pleasures of the flesh in orgy situations not seen since
> Caesar hung up his laurels. Or they are perverts trying to corrupt
> the 'normal'way of life. As with the majority of prejudices based on
> lies, misunderstandings and half-truths, the reality of life for the
> average naturist is very different indeed.
> That's the whole point though. Naturism isn't about looking at
> bodies - naturists are not exhibitionists. It's just about enjoying
> the freedom that a clothes optional atmosphere brings. Naturism is
> about accepting the human body for what it is - nothing to be
> ashamed of. So the men don't need to hit the gym for six months,
> buffing their muscles to within an inch of their lives in order to
> gain entry. And the women don't have to look like Baywatch babes.
> The media is largely responsible for promoting this idea of body
> perfection, but the truth is that the vast majority of people do not
> now, nor are they likely to ever resemble this false ideal.
> So for naturists there is no such thing as too fat, too thin, too
> short, too tall, too hairy. Nobody's going to comment on the size or
> shape of your breasts or critically evaluate your genitalia. And if
> you have any surgical scars or other distinguishing marks you
> needn't worry - ignore them just like everyone else will. For most
> people, their initial discomfort disappears very quickly, once they
> realize they are not being judged on their appearance.
> It's about relaxation, freedom from restriction - and to a very
> large degree, it's about honesty.
> Naturists are judged on their personalities alone. They take away
> the trappings that most of us have around us every day. They have
> less to 'hide behind'. This is very healthy, because it means that
> friendships are built on truth - as people get used to being open
> with each other, there is less temptation to embellish![...]
> Being nude can also be incredibly relaxing. The feeling of air, sun
> and water on the skin is a terrific stress reliever. [...]
> On the contrary, children who grow up in a naturist environment
> usually have far fewer hang-ups than other kids. Once again, they
> are not being subjected to premature sexual situations - they grow
> up around other children and adults, understanding that the body is
> not something to be hidden and ashamed of. They know anatomy of the
> human body, and it is less of a 'taboo' to be explored at the
> earliest opportunity. There are fewer incidences of teenage
> pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and criminal behaviour
> amongst nudist children than amongst other children.
> As for the sunglasses, well friends have found that nipple rings are
> the perfect holders for their Ray Bans. If you don't fancy body
> piercing, though, a small bag slung around your neck or carried with
> you is the perfect repository for your small change and other
> necessities.
> {end quote}
> Amara

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