Re: Transgender marriage

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 16:49:34 MST

Harvey Newstrom wrote:
> Mike Lorrey wrote,
> > Well, I'd have to contest some of this. lgbt individuals have the same
> > right to marry someone of the opposite sex just as straights do.
> So if we outlawed heterosexual marriage and only allowed same-sex marriages,
> you would be happy. Straights would have the same right to marry someone of
> the same sex just as gays would. Are you sure you wouldn't object to these
> equally-applied "freedoms"?

If you can get the population to support it, then have at it. I'll
remain a bachelor as I have to this point, thanks.

If I wanted to create protections for a hetero partner, I'd form a
partnership contract as a business venture with that person, for the
purpose of earning a living, sharing benefits, and producing kids.
Employers would hire our firm, not me as an individual. Why same sex
couples don't do the same today is entirely beyond me.

> By the way, all this talk about transgender and gay marriage is a bit
> premature. Mere transgender and gay dating or sex is illegal in most U.S.
> states and in most countries.

Quite, but it is legal in some, and same sex partnerships/marriage is
also. I note that a high ranking Norwegian politician just got hitched
to his partner to little fanfare or dispute.

In that the extropy list is about discussing future trends in society,
the trend toward social and economic acceptance of same sex
relationships around the world is a future trend.

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