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From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Wed Jan 16 2002 - 11:36:08 MST

>From: "Forrest Bishop" <>

>Than you for this deeply resonant and progressive discourse. The
>selfless sharing fosters mutual respect and tolerance of our
>interdependent social consciousness, moral education, and
>character formation.

> A didactic solidarity in the network of social environments of
>diversity found in the normative shared values of multicultural
>unity insures a just distribution of global resources through
>negation of internal contradiction. The institutions of civil
>society and public policy are where good citizens ponder the great
>moral, legal and social issues of our time: synthesizing the
>dialectic struggle in the unity of opposites that precipitates the
>transformation of society upon democratic lines.

> Social contractual duties in the community of humankind entail
>supporting these institutions, enabling them to facilitate
>workers' acheiving emancipation from the pseudo-intellectual
>obfuscations of sound-money nuts and anti-income-tax-slavery
>cranks. Virtuous actions of income redistribution in service of
>the class nature of liberal democratic principles create a humane
>and democratic culture from the body politic itself. The holistic
>mixmaster of catagorical imperative draws from broad consensus and
>shared moral and legal traditions to form communal values which
>must be judged by external and overriding criteria, based on
>shared human experience, i.e. work will sweep away the conditions
>for the existence of class antagonisms and set them free. Those
>who neglect these duties should explicitly, through the vulgar
>devices of implied association and traducement, be cast as poor
>members of the community.

> Society's indivisible concern is a passion to play on history-
>liberating the normless individual from the word-signs of mask and
>guise; sharing in the freedom of action of the gestalt. A moral
>responsibility to vulnerable community members obligates the body
>politic to foment a regime of rights and commitments under
>international law. The solidarity of internationalist global
>government is a social struggle to liberate communal
>responsibility from the animalistic imperialism of national

> Scholarly consensus enables supreme control of the general will
>in preparing for submission to the shared aspirations of a
>participatory global security landscape. Facilitation of
>cooperation rests on a solid foundation of collective strength
>under the generous, charismatic leadership of esteemed public
>policy savants in order to actualize the infrastructure of a
>global governance regime.

As the invasion of the Extropians list continues in a hail of
flowery rhetoric spewed by agents of the WTA.

Gents you might try reading the Extropian principals version 3.0,
you see we have a little thing called the "Open Society" principal
which is completely incompatible with your little totalitarian

In simple terms, we're not interested.


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