Re: transgender marriage

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Mon Jan 14 2002 - 21:36:58 MST

Wow. Thanks for the info. This is one of those laws/precedents
that needs badly to be ripped from the books and burned.

- samantha

Robert Coyote wrote:

> Hey Samantha
> I know its a right, you know its a right, the state says it aint, and the
> state is bigger than me, was disgusted to discover this myself (what is the
> law? the law is what the Judge says it is!)
> ever wonder why you need a License for it?
> More on Ex. Parte Kinney (May 14, 1879) Fed cas. page 602 (case no. 7,825)
> "Marriage is a privilege belonging to persons as members of society, and as
> citizens of the states in which they reside
> and may be abridged at the will of the states in which they reside"
> "Marriage, though a contract is more than a civil contract and is not
> affected by the clause of the tenth section of the first article of the
> constitution forbidding a state from passing any laws impairing the
> obligation of contracts"

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