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Date: Mon Jan 14 2002 - 00:18:50 MST

Hey Samantha
I know its a right, you know its a right, the state says it aint, and the
state is bigger than me, was disgusted to discover this myself (what is the
law? the law is what the Judge says it is!)
ever wonder why you need a License for it?

More on Ex. Parte Kinney (May 14, 1879) Fed cas. page 602 (case no. 7,825)

"Marriage is a privilege belonging to persons as members of society, and as
citizens of the states in which they reside
and may be abridged at the will of the states in which they reside"
"Marriage, though a contract is more than a civil contract and is not
affected by the clause of the tenth section of the first article of the
constitution forbidding a state from passing any laws impairing the
obligation of contracts"

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: Robert Coyote wrote:
: > Marriage is not a right, its a privilege
: > "Marriage is a privilege belonging to persons as members of society"
: > Ex. Parte Kinney (May 14, 1879)
: >
: Uh huh. Do you believe that? If so, on what grounds should
: this "privilege" be accorded or not? Whatever the state wishes?
: If so, on what grounds does the state get and exercise this
: power? Why can't citizens simply declare whatever romantic
: unions bound by however much contract they wish? Is the state
: to legislate both the complicated quesiton of gender and which
: numbers of what genders might form a contractual romantic
: relaitionship?
: The Texas mess is particularly nasty. It leaves transsexuals
: out on a limb. After going through the entire process to get
: congruence and having finally the life we wanted, id in our
: preferred and fit gender and supposedly the state accepting the
: situation - to go from that to having the state declare you the
: opposite gender of what you have worked so hard to get
: straightened out, when you finally assume you are "home" - well,
: it is more than anyone should have to bear.
: - samantha

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