Re: Hidden M-Brains

From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Sun Jan 13 2002 - 18:51:23 MST

At 11:59 AM 1/13/02 +0100, 'gene wrote:

>> Assuming that life couldn't emerge until, say, five billion years ago

>If you're looking far, you're looking into an older universe.


>I think
>there's delayed hatching due to insufficient metal abundances in the young

That's what I said.

>>If closer galaxies are stochastically dimmer or red-downshifted,
>> mustn't this do something interesting to the canonical calculated recession

Closer is older. More cooked matter. More life, stochastically. More
singularities, more stellar modifications. More downshifted light. Hence
apparent extra brightness in the younger stuff far off, modulo stellar
evolutionary stages.

Damien Broderick

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