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>The "Complex large scale political organization"
>was nothing more than a priestly caste, but I would not characterise
>their culture as a 'civilization'.

Running an empire the length of the Andes under a nigh-communistic
regime requires a lot of organization. Several Andean civilizations
had built large-scale irrigation works.

>They had not invented the wheel for
>transportation (something that the barbaric tribes of the eurasian
>steppes had had for thousands of years prior).

Precisely. Barbarians can have the wheel, and civilizations can
lack them.

>Their 'cities' were
>nothing more than large religious complexes surrounded by several

Their cities were more than a "couple of villages". Cuzco had over

>and they had no metals technology beyond working with gold,
>copper, and in a few cases, bronze. Iron technology was just beginning
>to be experimented with by a few Toltec tribes at the time of the

Which makes them equivalent to Egypt around 1400 BC. Hardly

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