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> Since Indus script existed prior between 3000 to 2000 BC, and that there
> is no record of the Hindu Vedas, so far as I know of, in any recovered
> Indus texts, then it is highly doubtful that the Vedas were in existence
> prior to 2000 BC, so any claims of 'astronomical' evidence of their
> existence prior to that date are highly speculative and likely open to
> significant subjective interpretation.

Absolutely. It's much more likely that the Vedas as we have them were formed
by a process of accretion, incorporating older texts and oral traditions.
Moreover, the Indus civilisation is overthrown by the Aryan invaders from
the Northwest between about 1500-900 BC and the Vedas are essentially the
myth system of those invaders. The early Vedic period is about 1200 BC.
Steve Davies

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