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From: Spike Jones (
Date: Tue Jan 08 2002 - 21:46:54 MST

steve wrote:

> G. Coyne, priest (jesuit), astronomer, director of the Vatican Observatories

> ...I always have wondered how monotheistic religions
> (and Christianity and Islam in particular) would deal with the
> discovery/confirmation of the existence of ETs. Steve Davies

Just such a question was dealt with by the theologians of the
Seventh Day Adventists. They do not like to be taken by
surprise by developments in science, and thence be forced
into hokey ad hoc explanations. They much prefer astutely
anticipating such developments and offer carefully crafted
hokey explanations.

Their notion is that there are intelligence civilizations of
unfallen beings scattered throughout the heavens, but
they have a prime directive not to communicate with the
fallen world. Any signals we receive from ETs would be
assumed to have been produced by satan and his minions,
intending to deceive the people of earth.

If you have seen Sagan's Contact {with that babalicious
Jodie Foster} the religious fanatic character who tries to
wreck everything is not so far from reality. We might need
to deal with those who would intentionally cause electromagnetic
interference to prevent our receiving ETs signals, such as by
sending up a running battery powered electric shaver on a balloon.

spike jones, priest (horkuit), astronomer, director of nada

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