Re: Rambling Rant was Re: Its Over

Date: Tue Jan 08 2002 - 09:50:15 MST

Brian Atkins stated:

<<I've been converted into a firm believer in eliminating unnecessary
risks to my long term survival. Especially relatively easy things to
do like signing up with Alcor. So yes, I am hedged>>

Well, if cryogenics does preserve memory and personality, then you have the
game beat.

<<. The two things you are talking about are almost completely separate
issues, and any combo Extropian/Singularitarian would have to have a very
reason to not sign up for cryonics. No matter how soon you think the
Singularity is arriving, you still have to anticipate accidents, diseases,
etc. You'd look pretty darn silly to die irretrievably a year before the
big event.>>

Yes they wouldn't have a strong reason to sign up with Alcor, if there is a
real chance of (a very eventual) post-mortem survival. My complaint (whine)
is that there seems to be such a paucity of work/interest in the subject,
that, from an Extropian point of view, it seems to be the over-worked word,

I main that we still need an insurance policy (meme) would benefit from a
psychological/intellectual insurance policy. If I had the deep pockets I
would, as former Monkee, Michael Nesmith (heir to the liquid paper
fortune-seriously) and buy an afternoon chat with some of the world's great
brains. Ah well, so much for fantasy.

<<Our society (as demonstrated by the ease of the 9/11 attack) is extremely
complacent, and still very much so even now. Not only is this affecting
our security in general, but also it is a huge factor in limiting the
audience for transhumanism. No one who is content with their life and
perceived future will be very interested. Paradoxically, the benefits
that modern technology and prosperity bring to people also makes them
blind to what is missing or what can be improved.?? >>

No argument here, we are content lazy bastards, but it beats running out into
the reeking streets like they do in facistan (3rd world) and howl for blood.
We are complacent indeed.

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