RE: Politics of transhumanism and the WTA

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Tue Jan 08 2002 - 09:35:24 MST

> ... as someone who has expressed my democratic socialist views
> on the Extropy list at various points over the last eight years
> and been routinely flamed, I think he was fair to observe that
> the Extrop list did not often have left of center views expressed.

That statement is self-contradictory. You say that you've
expressed views a lot and that they weren't expressed: the former
is true; the views were expressed, often. They were also
criticized, often. Isn't that the whole point of discourse?
Liberal democratic views are quite common and powerful both
here and in Europe, so they hardly need white-glove treatment
here. It's the minority libertarian views that need the most
vocal support, and some of us are committed to providing it.
We express those views as you express yours, and we expect
(and welcome) criticism of them, which has also been quite
common on this list.

If you don't think political ideas should be criticized
when they are offered, then you're no Extropian.

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