Re: The Politics of Transhumanism

From: Max More (
Date: Sun Jan 06 2002 - 18:59:01 MST

Even after J. Hughes removed several incorrect parts of the essay, I find
much that remains to be slanted for obvious purposes. Here is just one example:

>By the late 1990s it had begun to become clear that the European
>fellow-travelers of the Extropy Institute were much less enthralled by
>anarcho-capitalist orthodoxy than the Americans. One European
>transhumanist, reviewing a conference of European transhumanists, noted:
>“The official program started with Remi Sussan…a bleeding heart humanist
>socialist and a nice person. I am glad that we have that diversity among
>the European Transhumanists. It makes for much more refined discussions
>than is often seen on the Extropy mailing list.” (Rasmussen, 1999)”

This piece clearly tries to portray extropians unfavorably by selecting one
comment from one person that is itself unfair. Rasmussen has never been to
an Extro conference. To compare discussions on *any* email list to the
in-person interactions of a conference is ludicrous. Of *course*
discussions are more "refined" in person.

It is also peculiar since US extropians have never slanted things against
European extropians or other transhumanists. Yet Rasmussen here displays
some Eurocentric bigotry. Is *this* to be praised by J. Hughes on behalf of
WTA because it suits his purposes?

I find the entire essay disturbing in its tone, slant, and apparent intent.


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Strategic Philosopher
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