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Date: Sun Jan 06 2002 - 18:16:20 MST

>"J. Hughes" wrote:
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> >
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> > Abstract:
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> > Contemporary transhumanism has grown out of white, male, affluent, American
> > Internet culture, and its political perspective has generally been a
> > militant version of the libertarianism typical of that culture.

This sentence is incorrect, James. You might want to change it to:

"Contemporary transhumanism has grown out of the ideas and writings of an
international mind-set of individuals with varied political backgrounds,
and whose unique perspective of the future and whose values were clearly

Who are these individuals? They include such diversity as:

FM-2030 - Global (of Iranian background, born in Belgium and first language
French) - politics "Globalism"

Natasha Vita-More - Woman, Born in NY, lived in Italy and Japan - politics
then "Green Party", "Democrat"

Max More - British - not affluent - politics: "Friends of the Earth",
"Peace Movement" and "libertarian"

Robert Ettinger - American, white, male, ?
Linda Chamberlism - Woman, cryonicist,
Timothy Leary Male, White, politics - "Radical Democrat"
Eric Drexler ?
etc., et al.

Natasha Vita-More

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Art Director, Digital Design

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