Re: META: Subject line profanity considered [really dumb]

From: Charles Hixson (
Date: Fri Jan 04 2002 - 15:41:23 MST

Dossy wrote:

> On 2002.01.04, Charles Hixson <> wrote:
> The fact that you provided what the phrase meant to you
> in a way that didn't use the phrase itself (cyclical
> definitions are fairly valueless), shows that it wasn't
> necessary to use the phrase itself to get the same idea
> across.
> Otherwise, you would have just sat dumbfounded and said
> "you know, there's really no other way of saying it,
> other than 'fuck the will of the people' ..."
> -- Dossy

Did you notice how much longer my paraphrases were? And they
were still only approximately equivalent.

Charles Hixson
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