Re: META: Subject line profanity considered [really dumb]

From: Dossy (
Date: Fri Jan 04 2002 - 13:56:55 MST

On 2002.01.04, Charles Hixson <> wrote:
> > "fuck the will of the people"
> I have considered that my intended actions will be disliked by
> many people. This doesn't matter one bit to me. (It may even
> be a part of why I do it.)
> Now I have made some assumptions here. Without assuming a "tone
> of voice" I can't really disambiguate the various possible
> shades of meaning. But this is a sample of what seems to me as
> the most reasonable actual meaning of thos sentence fragments.

The fact that you provided what the phrase meant to you
in a way that didn't use the phrase itself (cyclical
definitions are fairly valueless), shows that it wasn't
necessary to use the phrase itself to get the same idea

Otherwise, you would have just sat dumbfounded and said
"you know, there's really no other way of saying it,
other than 'fuck the will of the people' ..."

-- Dossy

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