Re: Aid for Afghanistan

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Fri Jan 04 2002 - 03:17:01 MST

Joe Dees wrote:

> If all fundamentalist Muslims are heaven-bent on killing mass numbers of infidels in order to assure their celestial virgin-quota, ya damn right we should, for WE are infidels to them, and they fervently believe that they are granted divine licence to and gain divine grace from fragging us. If they should succeed in this (to them) pious and noble quest, how far would THAT postpone a singularity?

> I happen to believe that the percentage of fundamentalist Muslims willing to act on such beliefs is small but constant (and perhaps growing). In the short term, we have to kill the existent committed jihadists wherever we find them; in the longer term, we have to 'civilize' or 'socialize' the sources from which they spring, so in the future a greater percentage of them will act in a civil manner to other societies, rather than pursuing mass murderous holy xenophobia against them.

Now that sounds a good deal more reasonable than the previous
paragraph. I am more worried myself about the theocratically
minded fundamentalists of the Christian persuasion who are
citizens of my own country and much closer to the reigns of
power and control than these relatively less numerous and less
well placed Muslim fanatics. The US Christian variety only want
to take over the country and run it on Old Testament teachings.
They don't usually blow up major real estate, just a
planned-parenthood clinic or too liberal church here or there.
Their people are interlaced at all levels of government and
defense forces. And they are organized well enough to swing
huge letter writing and voting campaigns and quite considerable

See, I am not without my own paranoia.

- samantha

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