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Date: Thu Jan 03 2002 - 00:59:52 MST

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>Brian D Williams wrote:
>> >From: Kai Becker <>
>> >Sounds a bit like children in the sandbox. "You've smashed my sand
>> >cake." "No, you've stolen my toy first." "No, you didn't gave me
>> >from your coke." Very promising, indeed. And a so very helpful
>> >example for others. You may have noticed that I suggested to break
>> >this circle. I wonder who will grow up first.
>> This is a ridiculous trivialization of the current war. You may
>> wish to avoid such trivializations in the future if you wish your
>> ideas to be taken seriously.
>> A group of extremeist fundamentalist Muslims bent on changing the
>> entire world to conform to their ideas, by force if necessary,
>> first declared war on, and then attacked the United States of
>> America, leaving thousands dead.
>This is a bullshit description of what happened by those who
>would like to escalate an already intolerable situation.
Actually, it's quite accurate within the limits of concision. If you believe otherwise, the onus is upon you to show just exactly where it veers or falls into bullshit, rather than engaging in unsupported emotional canards.
>> We are currently engaged in ridding the world of this menace, along
>> with our allies.
>Of what? Ridding it of fundamentalist Muslims? Why stop
>there? Why not fundamentalists of all faiths or at least all
>who believe countries should be run by religious memes instead
>of for secularism? Assuming we know what those terms mean and
>do not mean. Great! You will have stepped right into the hands
>of the predictors of apocalypse. Wonderful. Should get us to
>Singularity in nothing flat. You betcha.
If all fundamentalist Muslims are heaven-bent on killing mass numbers of infidels in order to assure their celestial virgin-quota, ya damn right we should, for WE are infidels to them, and they fervently believe that they are granted divine licence to and gain divine grace from fragging us. If they should succeed in this (to them) pious and noble quest, how far would THAT postpone a singularity?
I happen to believe that the percentage of fundamentalist Muslims willing to act on such beliefs is small but constant (and perhaps growing). In the short term, we have to kill the existent committed jihadists wherever we find them; in the longer term, we have to 'civilize' or 'socialize' the sources from which they spring, so in the future a greater percentage of them will act in a civil manner to other societies, rather than pursuing mass murderous holy xenophobia against them.
>> This is an extinction event.
>It certainly could be if we don't drop our nonsense and
>concentrate on the ball - on trancension of this sorry state.
Sometimes to launch the balloon, you have to cut the guy wires and jettison the weights - or risk rupture and collapse.
>- samantha

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