Re: TAXInet

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Thu Jan 03 2002 - 08:47:00 MST

Andy Toth wrote:
> i am in the metroplex. i press the taxi button on my mobile. request is
> relayed to GPS algorithm, and notifies nearest TAXInet /enabled/ cab.
> triangulation. a taxi driver acknowledges the request via his terminal, and
> sends his response to the mobile-user. the mobile user then waits at
> his/her location with relative ETA and TAXI-ID in mind.
> SELECT ETA AND TAXI TYPE (mercedes, 2.3min; nissan 0.8min;)?
> i think only one locked response should be allowed, otherwise, it will be a
> mess. the taxi driver cannot feel uncertain about if is 'wanted' by the
> patron or not. it will cause accidents and commercial arguments.

Uh, no, because you will then get taxi drivers hacking the system,
spoofing taxis that are closer, and tying you up from across town just
so they can pick you up, with no regard for your real transportation
needs. The TAXInet should first signal all taxis in a one block radius,
then a two block radius, etc until a taxi locks on and verifies that it
is unoccupied. Location of the responding taxis should not rely on a GPS
set in the taxi, since that can be hacked. Rather, use a cellular
transponder that is triangulated by cell nodes.

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