From: Andy Toth (
Date: Thu Jan 03 2002 - 06:19:41 MST

i am in the metroplex. i press the taxi button on my mobile. request is
relayed to GPS algorithm, and notifies nearest TAXInet /enabled/ cab.
triangulation. a taxi driver acknowledges the request via his terminal, and
sends his response to the mobile-user. the mobile user then waits at
his/her location with relative ETA and TAXI-ID in mind.

SELECT ETA AND TAXI TYPE (mercedes, 2.3min; nissan 0.8min;)?

i think only one locked response should be allowed, otherwise, it will be a
mess. the taxi driver cannot feel uncertain about if is 'wanted' by the
patron or not. it will cause accidents and commercial arguments.

this system would apply to cities with extensive existing taxi and
cell-phone saturation, and not necessarily to competitive metro areas with
adequate subway and/or mass transit systems. also, it would reduce the
"crazed-athinan" style of driving, and allocate cars to people in some kind
of economic+happy 'fashion'.


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