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From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Wed Jan 02 2002 - 11:33:07 MST

> > resources remains the same--the amount of solar energy the planet
> > can harness. It's only the efficiency with which we can use it
> Not so. The effective amount of wealth does not remain the
> same.

I didn't say that, and I never would. Please don't misquote me.
I understand the difference between natural resources and "wealth".
But my statement stands: the former /is/ finite and limited.

Our disagreement, if there is one, is that I believe that this
limitation will become a /more/ significant factor limiting
wealth as we advance, and you seem to contend that it will
become less of a factor, and that more of our wealth will be
informational and such. Your scenario is quite possible, and
I won't discount it out of hand, but I can't share it. No matter
how much wealth we create over and above natural resources,
someone with more natural resources can still create more than
someone with less.

> That it is not literally infinite is rather beside the point.
> It is certainly not be any stretch "scarcity" of the kind our
> economic system was designed to cope with unless we create
> artificial scarcity by insisting the commons stays artificially
> small and everything imaginable has a price tag slapped on it.
> I have actually heard some go so far as to claim that every atom
> of matter and erg of energy must be owned by someone.

Yep, I'm one of those. Owned things get put to effective use;
things in the commons are inevitably destroyed and neglected.

> > Just because it's harder for humans to visualize the difference
> > between 1 and 2 billion than to visualize the difference between
> > 1 and 2 hundred doesn't mean the difference doesn't exist. As I've
> > said before, when everyone on the planet is a billionaire, the guy
> > with 10 billion still gets the girl, the bigger spaceship, the
> > asteroid in the better neighborhood, and the nicer toys. "Scarcity"
> > is a relative thing.
> I would hope that we grow out of this kind of adolescent rivalry
> fairly soon. But I won't hold my breath.

Competition is life. There is no higher purpose, or nobler pursuit.
It is only when competition deteriorates into predation and violence
that there is a problem, and I would certainly hope that we grow
out of /that/. But as for competition in general, if there weren't
such a thing, I can't imagine wanting to live.

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