Re: Aid for Afghanistan

From: John Clark (
Date: Wed Jan 02 2002 - 11:28:55 MST

Geraint Rees <> Wrote:

>Just consistent and even-handed long term political engagement on
>the part of the US will probably do just fine.

I of course think America should be even-handed and often it has not been,
but I don't for one instant think that the reasons Pakistanis so passionately
hate us is because of the way we deal with Palestinians 3000 miles away.

>There are a lot of Islamic nations giving support to the current US action

There are a few Islamic governments giving lukewarm support to the current
US action, virtually no popular support at all, except ironically in countries that
have the most hostel governments of all, Iran and Iraq.

>The history of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict (or, closer to home, the IRA
>terrorist campaign for that matter) suggests that this approach will not
>stop politically/religiously motivated violence.

But despite it all Israel still exists, if they backed down every time the
Palestinians exploded a car bomb in front of a grade school it would not.
It would be great to have no enemies but that is often not possible so
just make sure he not only hates you but also fears you.

     John K Clark

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