From: Michael M. Butler (
Date: Tue Jan 01 2002 - 03:47:05 MST

Max More wrote:
> I can't shake this persistent feeling that 2002 is going to be a
> fantastically good year for me, for those I know, and for extropian ideas.

Me too.

> In the midst of those many moments when life seems difficult, confusing,
> and trying, I intend to take a step back and realize how incredibly
> fantastic it is to be ALIVE and growing and learning and experiencing.

Here are my dozen 2002 intentions about this list:

I announce my own personal jubilee. I have emptied my plonk filter.
Others are welcome to do the same. Someone repost this for me, would you?

I'm going to choose my arguments and move from justificationalism to as close
to full time pancrit as I can.

I'm going to re-read Strunk & White (with that grain of salt handy). I'm going to
use this list to hone my communications craft and Omit Needless Words(!).

I declare smileys deprecated in my writing. They're from IRC, etc. They can't be
speed read effectively unless you have more years doing that than I have. They don't
translate well into regular print.
I'll still do my best to take them into account when others use them.

I'm going to look out for topic drift as part of that and try to see if my replies
are actually relevant to the original post. If it's a simple concurrence, CONC
goes in the subject line. If it's some silly riposte, HUMOR goes there.

If I hear an old thread coming through, I'll mark it as such in the title: OLDIE.
If I smell a red herring, I'll also change the title to reflect that: OTT (off thread
topic), maybe.

I'm going to tune the subject line as soon as I think of a more fitting one that
actually adds value.

I'm going to count on my mail reader to help keep threads sorted even when the
Subject changes.

I'm going to double check the quotes whenver I use inline quoting, to make sure I'm
not propagating an attribution error.

I'm going to try to find a way to use AceReader Pro to read the extro list effectively.
If I can up my reading speed considered as a whole, I'll post my technique here.

Same goes for an email reader that gives me a wordcount on emails before I open them, not
just kbytes. Smart about nontext inclusions, of course.

I'm going to keep steering away from the tendency to repost every line of the things I reply to,
especially if it's more than 200 words. The point is Value Added, yes? What value am I adding?

I'm going to stop writing my name at the end of posts. That's what the .sig line is f

 MMB<==butler a t comp - lib . o r g   Wm. Burroughs said it best: "After a shooting 
    spree, they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn't do it."
 I am not here to have an argument. I am here as part of a civilization. How about you?

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