Re: 2002

From: John Grigg (
Date: Tue Jan 01 2002 - 04:31:12 MST

Max wrote:
I can't shake this persistent feeling that 2002 is going to be a
fantastically good year for me, for those I know, and for extropian ideas.
I'm going to make the very best of this next trip around the Sun in our
small corner of the cosmos.

Max, could this persistant good feeling be simply irrational thinking on your part? LOL! :) Actually, I see good reason for you feeling so optimistic, and I am only seeing the tip of the extropian iceberg.

My best wishes to you in your efforts to make the next year extremely productive and enjoyable!

you continue:
We had a tremendously fun evening that highlighted how wonderful life is.
In the midst of those many moments when life seems difficult, confusing,
and trying, I intend to take a step back and realize how incredibly
fantastic it is to be ALIVE and growing and learning and experiencing.

Let it never end.
It sounds to me like one of the deep pleasures of your life is great friends to share your life with. And I am glad you can keep your positive perspective even when enduring life's adversities.

I need to learn to follow your example of fully appreciating the joys of being alive, and as you put it, growing, learning and experiencing. For me, life can sometimes be overwhelming to the nervous system.

Max, have a great 2002!

best wishes,


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