Re: CULTURE/SPACE: Tom Hanks on "2001"

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sat Jan 27 2001 - 11:30:53 MST wrote:

> You think "2001" is a "slow" film? ...Some things - say, telling a story
> that encompasses the sweep of 4 million years of deep time - can't be done
> quickly, or at least not done well. Imagine trying to tell the story of
> "2001" MTV-style. Now consider whether we should uncritically embrace every
> cultural change, when it may carry with it the inevitable loss of artistic
> vocabulary to express important ideas....

Great post, Greg! As an educational experience, try this experiment.
Get any movie made before about 1960. Casablanca is my personal
fave, altho I realize it isnt sci-fi and nonhip. Get in a dark room, start
the movie, turn the sound all the way down, turn your chair around to
face away from the TV and watch the illumination patterns on the
wall, specifically how often the pattern changes. Not very often, eh?
Repeat the experiment with pretty much *any* movie made after
1990. The pattern changes about every 5 seconds or more so,
even the rare modern talking heads movies.

Both styles of moviemaking have their advantages. All extropians,
if you havent seen Casablanca, please do so. Then lets discuss it
to see what the video game generation makes of this old masterpiece.
Honestly I would be interested to see if extropians and future minded
people find this work as moving as I do.

Oh and one more thing: as you view the Elsa character, do tell
if there is any greater babe in all of moviedom, or if you are a woman
or gay man, nominate a top hunk character. spike

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