Re: still think dems are nice?

From: Michael Lorrey (
Date: Sat Jan 27 2001 - 11:43:59 MST

Sean Kenny wrote:
> The British press offset this story by stating similar accusations were
> levelled against the outgoing Rep adminstration 8 years ago, lots of desk
> drawers were graffitied with the prophetic "we'll be back" - I don't really
> see how the political pantomime in Washington has anything to do with the
> extropian project. Although I do see how entertaining it is to watch.

Actually, democrats are now claiming that the outgoing GOP
administration did similar things, but they cannot cite any published
accounts to support these claims. Its more of the typical spoiled brat
Clinton rationalization of "well, they did it too". This is the same
Clinton administration that claimed that it would have the most ethical
administration in history. I don't buy it.

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