Re: MEMES: Pigeon-holing your opponent

From: Charlie Stross (
Date: Thu Jan 25 2001 - 13:57:12 MST

On Thu, Jan 25, 2001 at 12:12:57PM -0600, Barbara Lamar wrote:
> >Have us all recite 10 times on arising "Others are not as stupid as I
> >may first be inclined to believe and there beliefs are not so simple as
> >I might think?"
> I like this one. :-D
Me too.

> There's a lot to be said for humor as a lubricant for human-to-human
> communication.
Something that seems sorely lacking on this list, at times ...

> ...... In responding to one of Charlie Stross's posts
> yesterday, I neglected to begin the post by mentioning the part of
> Charlie's posts that I agreed with, and my post had a far more negative
> tone than I'd intended. Even though it would have taken more time to list
> the stuff I agreed with, it would have more accurately reflected my own
> beliefs, plus it would have provided a common ground--and it would have set
> a more friendly tone for the whole post.

Let me be fair by adding that I'm guilty of exactly the same mistake.

-- Charlie

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