Re: Practical self-defense in the UK - a question

From: Michael Lorrey (
Date: Mon Jan 22 2001 - 12:39:39 MST

"estropico >" wrote:
> Given the ban on handguns in the UK, does anyone know what one is allowed to
> carry, without breaking the law? Apparently it depends on the local police
> force - for instance, extendable batons are ok in some areas, but not in
> others and I could not find any further details.
> Any info would be welcome.

Nothing. Pen knifes are considered weapons, as is pepper spray, tasers,
batons, etc. You have no right to defend yourself in Britain, and will
be prosecuted if you are successful in doing so. If you have any martial
arts training for which there is any documentation or if you admit to it
(video rental records might even be considered 'training' if you rent
kung fu movies) then your bare hands will be considered deadly weapons.

As in the ancient chinese story, where the penalies for being late for
work and for revolt were both death, all this means is that you should
carry whatever you want, don't get caught, and don't report any
instances of defending yourself. Put your assailant down, get away from
the scene, destroy your weapons and all clothes you wore at the scene
(including shoes), change your haircut and shaving pattern, and buy
yourself an alibi from a trustworthy friend or two.

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