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From: Barbara Lamar (
Date: Mon Jan 22 2001 - 12:38:09 MST

At 11:39 PM 01/21/2001 -0500, Artillo
>well, the key to good HTML programming is knowing how to hand code anyway...
>why waste time with filter programs etc and fancy other programs if you
>already know the basics, you can do anything. Frontpage homepages only look
>like frontpage homepages if you dont know what you are doing, but it is a
>decent program for a beginner.

Many thanks to everyone who offered advice.

If there's one aspect of HTML coding about which I can speak with
authority, it's being a beginner. The HTML book I started out with spent
the first chapter teaching the code. At the end of the chapter was a note
saying: now that you know how to hand code, forget it. Get yourself a good
HTML editor.

I can see why it's useful to know what the code means so you can change it
if you want to, but I can't see the point of tediously typing in each <br>
and <p> and <A HREF =...>. The problem I was having stemmed from using the
MS Word built-in conversion from Word document to HTML, rather than from
using Frontpage. I ended up solving the problem by converting the Word
document to text-only, which got rid of the weird Word formatting, and then
copying and pasting the text into Frontpage.

I can't see why Frontpage homepages would look any different from homepages
designed with any other HTML editor (or by hand, for that matter) unless
one used Frontpage templates and themes. I started with blank pages,
because none of the templates did what I wanted. I wonder if my pages have
the Frontpage look and, if so, what elements contribute to this look. The
homepage is at Comments appreciated (maybe
off-list). Thanks.


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