Fw: MNT Surveillance and Choreography

From: my inner geek (geek@ifeden.com)
Date: Sun Jan 21 2001 - 00:44:31 MST

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Subject: MNT Surveillance and Choreography

> Henri Kluytmans <hkl@chello.nl> wrote:
> > It is not all that bad. We will still have the option of privacy
> > within certain confined spaces (like our own houses). Only in
> > public places you will always be likely to be monitored.
> > Nanobot defence systems can be used to do surveillance inside our
> > houses, but not to inspect and record our occupations, but
> > in stead, to find and destroy possible intruding monitoring bots.
> I found it interesting when "nanodot.org" first came up it's subtitle was
> "Automated Storytelling Homepage."
> When nanotechnology and quantum computing arrive (if they have not
> the superintelligent form of communication with society may not be the
> "English language". Rather, it would likely be "Body Language." Rather
> than machine superintelligence "talking to us", it seems more likely that
> would begin "talking through us", using methods of storytelling and
> puppeteering that find us in perhaps strange coincidences with each other
> living out educational vignettes.
> The "right brain" language of play-acting and theater seems a more likely
> form of advanced communication than "left brain" linear symbol sequences.
> What better syntax than total orchestration? There was a recent movie
> called "Pleasantville" (http://us.imdb.com/Title?0120789) in which
> characters lived in a black and white world. Outsiders infiltrated the
> world and color began arriving as citizens began thinking "outside the
> script."
> I wonder if first contact with superior alien intelligence might take the
> form of suddenly feeling oneself as a character in a sitcom, surrounded by
> caricatures of social archtypes. If I were an extropian gray alien from
> year 2110 popping back in time to communicate with my human ancestors, I'd
> probably just take control of the situation and do puppet shows in order
> allow the creatures to become enlightened through experience rather than
> making some limited attempt to communicate in a linear fashion through
> spoken language.
> If I were Feynman or Von Neuman and orchestrating a peaceful "Coup
> (oxymoron, I know), I'd probably fashion it as a mass automated script
> orchestrated over a whole generation, giving each individual plausible
> deniability, so the obvious conclusion would be that something on a scale
> suggestive of an "act of god" had occurred which left all with the tacit
> consensus that the old play was over and a new play had begun.

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