Fw: The Human Gene Pool as an Alien Language

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Subject: The Human Gene Pool as an Alien Language


Wouldn't it be wierd if the entire universe was a sentient being, which each sentient individual being nothing more than a piece of the whole mind? Imagine time as an illusion, with no beginning and no end. Some thoughts move "forward", some thoughts move "backward", but really it's just relative.

Like, if God's left brain was the past, and God's right brain was the future, God's State of Mind would be whatever the current "moment" is in time, everywhere.

Sometimes I notice interesting patterns that are very subtle, such as similar facial features between different people who are obviously not related in name, but *are* related in gene. Like taking a person's face, finding all the gene sequences responsible for all the different facial features, then spreading the different feature sequences out in time in different people from different parts of the world, then arranging them all to be in exactly the same spot at the same time in an airport or something so you can see a single face subconsciously from glancing at all the different faces.

Hard to put into "left brain" words....

Check out this model:


Click on her picture, to see other pictures.

Do her features appeal to you?

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