Re: Paperless book? Re: Full text to the book ``Underground'' released.

From: Julian Assange (
Date: Thu Jan 18 2001 - 10:38:45 MST

"Russell Whitaker" <> writes:

> I'd not heard of this book. According to Amazon it's
> out of print:
> ""

Several people have noted that that has
been slashdotted to kingdom-come (doesn't even ping any more) and
have asked for mirrors.

There are a number listed in various slashdot replies, here:

Failing that, you can try,
which is an officialish mirror of the download page.

Note that there are no mirrors of the web-site proper (just the
download pages). But google has cached most of the site. A few
of the more useful pages:

 Main page:
 Critical reviews:
 Reader reviews:
 Ordering hard-copy on-line from Australian university bookshops (note that does *not* stock books published by non-us publishers.. even
 Random House Australia):

 Otherwise try in a few days when the deluge
 is finally over.

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