Re: Velikovsky's was an imbecile and a ignoramus

From: John Clark (
Date: Thu Jan 18 2001 - 10:33:27 MST

John Marlow <> Wrote:

>Actually, quantum theory sounds a whole lot kookier than Velikovsky-
>but it does seem to be correct.

It doesn't matter how strange something sounds, only how well it fits the facts.
Velikovsky doesn't fit the fact of the conservation of energy, or momentum, it
doesn't fit with Newton's theory of gravity, or Einstein's, it doesn't explain how
a highly elliptical orbit of a comet can become the most nearly circular orbit of any
of the planets in the solar system, that of Venus. And oh yes I almost forgot, there is
that little discrepancy of a thousand trillion or so between the mass of a comet and
that of a planet.

>*"I have already carefully read the first volume of the memoirs to
>"Worlds in Collision," and have supplied it with a few marginal notes
>in pencil that can be easily erased..." --Albert Einstein, letter to
>Immanuel Velikovsky, March 17, 1955

It's possible Einstein actually did write to the jerk, I know at times when the mood hit him
he also corresponded with children who thought they made a great scientific discovery,
he tried to let them down gently without destroying there enthusiasm for science. Assuming
that he actually wrote to Velikovsky, and I have no evidence that he did, I have no doubt that
once you factor out Einstein's well known politeness the "marginal notes" were the equivalent
of " You sir are a jackass."

>I refuse to discount a theory based upon the opinion and characterizations of an
>individual who has examined said theory for a total of 4.3 seconds

Do as you please, just don't do it on the Extropian list, it's for serious discussions.
As for me. I'm bitter that Velikovsky has stolen 4.3 seconds of my life that I will never get back.

         John K Clark

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