Re: Flat Rate Pricing

From: Chris Russo (
Date: Thu Jan 18 2001 - 10:32:42 MST

At 07:07 -0800 1/18/01, Brian D Williams wrote:
>I also stated that these networks will
>need to be built to accomodate QOS which they do not now.

I don't think that people are quite understanding what you mean by
QOS - because it's a huge problem that needs to be solved on data
networks before they could be used to carry voice traffic.

On the data networks, IP is the protocol that's used for data
transmission. IP is a great protocol in many ways, but it simply
wasn't designed to provide highly reliable dedicated connections.

It's one thing for your connection to flake out while you're browsing
your friend's home pages. You just wait for the retries to
eventually get past the problem, you hit reload, or you just try
again later. Due to the dogged nature of retries going on in the
background, you often don't even notice the discontinuities in your
Internet connections.

However, if you're talking to your friend and the signal keeps
cutting out and you keep having to call him up, you'd become quite
unhappy. If you're trying to call 911 but you can't get through
because everyone is using all of the available bandwidth in your
neighborhood to get to CNN's Elian Gonzales web page, you're in big

Although consumers have become used to intermittent service
difficulties on cell phone networks and on the Internet, they just
won't tolerate the same kinds of problems on dedicated land lines.


Chris Russo

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