GUNS: Self Defense

Date: Thu Jan 18 2001 - 10:14:44 MST

I've just finished re-reading (for the several-eth time) Barne's "Mother of

In it there are several topics which relate to Extropianism and the
Singularity. One in particular that I want to mention at this time is the
"Personal Defender"

Said item is a small handgun. It has several interesting features.

1. It is factory loaded.....once it's loads have been expended it is non
2. Upon being fired it does three things....

    a. it projects an ultra velocity bullet of depleted
uranium....supossedly "utterly lethal"
    b. it emits a radio frequency message intended to be received by the
    c. it indeliably marks it's user via dye and taggats (of some sort....the
hypothetical "smart" variety I would assume.

3. It is readily available to anyone....."easily purchased by a teenager at a
seven-eleven" .......

This to me seem to have several advantages....all positive over the long
run...and only minor disadvantages in the short run...

Any comments?

LittleRock , Ark.

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