Update on Keith Henson's Scientology trial...

From: Michael S. Lorrey (mlorrey@datamann.com)
Date: Tue Jan 16 2001 - 12:34:25 MST

Keith Henson asked me to post this to the extropians list regarding his
ongoing legal battle with the Scientologists. Any support anyone can
provide him in his quest I think would be greatly appreciated. He's had
a rough time of things, and seems like the Hubbardites are trying to
bury him in paperwork. Any appeals from Californians to their Attorney
General on this case I think would be greately appreciated. Read on:
Cross-post as desired...
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Just because I am not posting much does not mean that all is quiet. More
likely it means I am too busy to post very often.
The latest news is from my daughter. My wife and I paid a lawyer in LA
to seek a protective order to limit her deposition. Judge March limited
it to one hour and sanctioned the scientologists $1000 "sue sponte." She
also made comments to the effect of having never seen a bankruptcy of
a major international company which had a 34 page docket sheet or this
hours of deposition. Of course, Helena Kobrin appealed the limit and
sanctions. The lawyer we were using has decided she no longer wants to
be involved, so the papers Helena filed got shipped to us--nearly a half
inch thick brief to the district court and a 1.5 inch thick stack of
pulled out of the court documents and deposition transcripts.
If anyone knows a lawyer in the LA area who would like to take on a
case, my daughter could really use pro bono or reduced fees
 So far we have spent as much as half a year of college for her legal
Speaking about abuse of process, I filed a complaint with the New York
about Rosen. I may post it here eventually, but for now, if you are
to me just ask for a copy by email.
My trial in Hemet on "misdemeanor terrorism" starts a week from next
 assuming it is not overtaken by other events.
Which reminds me--from http://caag.state.ca.us/piu/da.htm,
"Complaints against District Attorneys are, in certain specified
 handled directly by the Office of the Attorney General. However, the
General's intervention is appropriate only where there is a demonstrated
conflict of interest which would disqualify the district attorney from a
particular case.
"Also, if there is an obvious abuse of the district attorney's legal
in the decision whether to file a criminal charge, the Attorney General
may intervene."
There is the statement of Deputy Tony Greer,
  "In reviewing all of the Internet postings I did not see any direct
threat of violence towards the church or any personnel of the church."
Combined with my First Amendment protected activity of picketing gold
(and being arrested while picketing) makes the actions of the Hemet DAs
look a lot like an "obvious abuse of the district attorney's legal
and an attempt to violate my right to peacefully protest the vicious
of scientology. (Including two deaths at gold last year.)
I don't know if is any truth to vague rumors about Judge Rodney L.
talking to the the AG's office, but there does seem to be darn good
if he has asked them to check out this case.
Of course, it would not hurt a bit for others to contact the California
AG, especially Californians who can go through their elected
and have them suggest to the AG that he take a look at the Deputy DAs in
Hemet and this case. But even if you are not from California, email
will have an effect.
You can email right out of the form here http://caag.state.ca.us/piu/
Thanks to any who do. I would appreciate your making a copy and posting
it on alt.religion.scientology
and/or sending me a copy at hkhenson@pacbell.net
Keith Henson
PS, A really good video about the corruption of the Clearwater, FL
is rapidly making the rounds in Hemet, where my trial will be held.
it can be put on the web, but anyone in the Bay area can ask to see it
Palo Alto.

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