PREFIX: More Suggested Prefixes

From: Terry Donaghe (
Date: Tue Jan 16 2001 - 09:24:30 MST

IRR: for Irrelevant posts having nothing to do with Extropianism
NONSEQ: for nonsequitir posts which might have something to do with
Extropianism or might not - reading makes you ask, "Where the hell did that
come from?"
NOTGUN: for posts which have nothing to do with guns or firearms in general
PRIMGUN: for extropian discussions about flint-lock rifles and other ancient
HURL: if you need to talk about lethal projectile weapons other than guns,
use this prefix (Extropian Archery, Camel Flinging, etc)
BIGGUN: reserved for talking about firearms ranging from elephant guns up to
battleship weapons
FAKEGUN: talk about faux guns here
ONTOPIC: for discussions which are actually on topic
RAMBLING: insane rants and raves
POWERTOOLS: for important extropian discourses on powertools
PRIVATE: talk about your privates
X: Custom prefix - follow with no more than 3 characters representing
whatever you wish - don't bother to explain.

Please use the "|" character to concatenate the various prefixes which will
describe your post. Ex:


This would be an irrelevant posting which would not be about firearms, but
would be about fake guns and something to do with your "privates" region.
Perhaps a pseudo-medical story.

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