Re: GUNS/TOOLS:please stop this

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Sun Jan 14 2001 - 21:29:31 MST

Excuse me. I like guns as well as the next "gunnie" but that doesn't
mean I have to talk about them in every single mailing list and venue or
that I wish to read about them in every single list. I thought we
hashed this out before. Take it to "exi-freedom" (which unfortunately
seems to have nothing BUT gun stuff these days) please.

I could see some value in a bit of gentle and well placed proselytizing
on a general list now and then. But monopolizing a speciality list to
talk about the details of one's own private gun collection and the
merits and merits of this or that firearm ? That could only be of
interest to the choir and annoying and at best irrelevant to others. It
is rude. Ditto for engaging in a general flamewar and food-fight over
guns and the right to talk about them. Standing up for the right of
self-defense does not justify rudeness. Please stop.

- samantha

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