Re: GUNS/TOOLS: cheap Glocks for Bay Area extropians

From: Jason Joel Thompson (
Date: Sat Jan 13 2001 - 21:13:31 MST

> Glocks are good weapons, no doubt, however the .40 cal (now called .40
> Liberty, NOT .40 S&W by avid gunners) models do tend to suffer from
> metal fatigue failures from peening in the slide if shot with +P ammo
> regularly, and getting replacement parts from Glock is a minimum 6 month
> wait.
> Now, while I personally shoot a S&W 3914 9mm as my standard carry gun,
> and the S&W titanium Airlite revolvers are also great, I will
> categorically refuse to recommend that people buy any S&W products (I
> bought mine prior to them caving in).
> SIG and Ruger are two makers that I recommend new buyers look at. The
> P94 and the entire P series is a great autoloader family from Ruger, and
> for 'first pistols' I'd recommend the GP101 revolver.

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