Re: The extragalactic aliens Re: ETs could be 2gigayears ahead

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Date: Fri Jan 12 2001 - 21:36:52 MST

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><< Our galaxy is surrounded in a spherical halo (what are the odds of that
> be naturally occuring?) of dark massive objects. The sphere is apparently
> at least a million light years wide. >>
>The earth, sun, and other astro-physical bodies are oblate spheres. Why
>you consider the Milky Way galaxy with is creamy, hot, nougat, center of
>hydrogen-helium; surrounded by a chocolaty, surface of dark macho's, to be
>non-random ?
>Hungrilly, yours, Mitch

Dumb question - how do we know about this "halo"? Does it obscure known
light sources somehow? Seems to me anything that far away would be moving
(orbiting) at such a slow rate that we would not be able to detect the

Chuck Kuecker

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