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From: Amara Graps (
Date: Sat Jan 13 2001 - 05:18:40 MST

From: Brian Atkins (, Fri Jan 12 2001
>Our galaxy is surrounded in a spherical halo (what are the odds of that to
>be naturally occuring?) of dark massive objects. The sphere is apparently
>at least a million light years wide.

>We're in deep Vinge territory here. Why should the dark ones allow
>the visible core to exist? It doesn't seem to fulfill any visible

Maybe a little background reading. (No I don't have an immediate
answer, but I know that the dark halos are implicitly part of the
process that produces the visible light halos)

The Max Stirner approach: Why rely on other people to do it for you
when using your own brain is infinitely more satisfactory ...

astro-ph is a wonderful tool for cutting-edge research. The Los Alamos
XXX server, in general, should be used, OFTEN, especially for physics
related topics here.

For all: If any of you are concerned with keeping the list discussion
of high quality, and are interested in building a reputation whose
words carry some weight, then spending some time in background reading
and researching is an excellent idea. (For example I would never never
NEVER post on sci.astro.research or sci.physics.research, without
spending a considerable amount of time checking that what I wrote was
as correct as I could make it. My words are forever on usenet. There
is no difference on this list either.)

As an example on this dark matter halo topic.

Go to
(the mirror in my neck of the woods)

Select 'astro-ph' for Archive
Select 'past year' for Year
Select author/title/abstract for Search
Type 'dark matter halo' for word/pattern
Keep the defaults

Press the button: 'Do Search'

And.. voila! Thirty-one juicy papers to synthesize and learn about
dark matter halos ...



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