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From: Joe Dees (
Date: Fri Jan 12 2001 - 20:44:36 MST

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>From: "Michael S. Lorrey" <>
>Subject: Re: GUNS/TOOLS :Re: cheap Glocks for Bay Area extropians
>Chuck Kuecker wrote:
>> I carry the Glock Model 19 9mm daily, but I really like my Model 20 in
>> 10mm. Supposedly, one can shoot .40 (I like the "Liberty!) in the Glock 20,
>> but i have been afraid to try. It sure would help me get ammo - the range I
>> frequent has a couple of 10mm mavens who regularly use up all the range
>> ammo just before I get there.
>> Heard anything pro or con on this?
>Ah, well maybe I can be of help. I happen to have a channel to obtain
>guaranteed once-fired brass off the Ruger test range for a small
>gratuity ($10) to the tester plus shipping costs. This is primarily of
>use for those .454 Casull users out there, or other reloaders of hard to
>get brass. The only thing I can't guarantee is delivery date, but
>considering what 300-400 once fired 454 brass cartridges go for (if you
>can find it), I imagine this is something worthwhile to the few
>reloaders out there.
>The 'Liberty' is L Neil's idea...
>Mike Lorrey
Mikey, Brian, Chuck, James and the Boys get some gun-nut cyberporn:
Yeah, gimme something with a LONG barrel...something high calibre, so's it's THICK (pant, pant!), and rapid fire, so's it shoots FAST, but with a BIG CLIP, so's it'll shoot for a LONG TIME (Groan!). I wanna Lotta Grain in my Charge, for an INTENSE MUZZLE VELOCITY (drool!) ,so's it'll carry a Long Way with a nice, FLAT TRAJECTORY, and I LUV that EASY ACTION, but I simply ADORE that DEEP PENETRATING POWER (whimper!), especially when it's so Smooth and AUTOMATIC (oops - I think I need a tissue)!

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