Re: GUNS/TOOLS :Re: cheap thrills for Bay Area gun-nuts

From: Joe Dees (
Date: Fri Jan 12 2001 - 23:58:28 MST

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>From: Harvey Newstrom <>
>Subject: Re: GUNS/TOOLS :Re: cheap thrills for Bay Area gun-nuts
>"Joe Dees" <> wrote,
>>Mikey, Brian, Chuck, James and the Boys get some gun-nut cyberporn:
>It is inappropriate to mock people on this list. This amounts to an
>ad hominem attack. You can write a humorous spoof of a fictional
>nature, or you can refer to list members in a realistic manner. But
>when you make up degrading stories about list members, this is a form
>of harassment. It is intended to insult rather than entertain or
>inform. It is not only rude to your intended victims, but it is
>embarrassing to everyone on the list. In the future, please consider
>sharing your satire with the list while restricting your insults to
>private e-mail.
I apologize for graphically describing how these folks get and give each other jollies, but you must agree that a flood of group backpatting comparisons of gun models belongs on exi-freedom, not here. The only reason that they are posting such stuff here instead of exi-freedom, where they easily could be doing the same thing, is to exhibitionistically expose the entire extropy list to it whether they want to be or not, perhaps hoping to (1) harass those who do not wish to be subjected to it (such as myself) and (2) troll for firearms voyeurs for their exi list; I consider such behavior to be impositional, puerile and unfortunate.
>Harvey Newstrom <>

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