Re: Criticism depth, was Re: Homework...

Date: Thu Jan 11 2001 - 12:04:54 MST

Michael M. Butler, <>, writes:
> John Marlow wrote:
> > You want criticisms? I'll give you two: "Ecophagy."
> > "Biovorous."
> OK, so you don't like Freitas having a penchant for neologisms. Hardly a
> fundamental flaw in the work, it seems to me. The title was already
> really long.

I made a similar terminology complaint in the earlier thread at

> The issue of what countermeasures would work after notice of the problem
> is definitely worth further exploration. Why don't you work up something
> for publication?

In the earlier discussion at, Robert
Bradbury (who was involved in the Foresight discussions leading to the
creation of the paper) discussed particle beam weapons as a possible
countermeasure. You would have earth-orbiting satellites watching for
"hot spots" which indicate a point of infection, and which sterilize
the vicinity with neutron bombardment or some other form of disruptive

Again I suggest reviewing the dozen-odd messages from last spring.
That will provide a good starting point for further analysis.


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