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> In the earlier discussion at
>, Robert
> Bradbury (who was involved in the Foresight discussions leading to the
> creation of the paper) discussed particle beam weapons as a possible
> countermeasure. You would have earth-orbiting satellites watching for
> "hot spots" which indicate a point of infection, and which sterilize
> the vicinity with neutron bombardment or some other form of disruptive
> radiation.

How good are they? I remember spending a pleasant train journey with
Henrik Ohrstrom discussing the use of neutron bombs against
nanodevices (making the other passengers distinctly nervous :-). The
problem seems to be that you really want to drench the region in
particles so that the goo will be wiped out, but then you need a
reasonably deep penetration (lots of energy) and will likely leave a
lot of ugly isotopes around. Sure, in nanotopia we can clean it up
simpler, but it is still not easy.

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