Re: Can you say "troll"?

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Wed Jan 10 2001 - 15:52:24 MST

Chuck Kuecker wrote:
> At 02:27 PM 1/10/01 -0500, Michael Lorrey wrote:
> >One-up: an 1861 trap-door rifle refurbed from an original action: breech
> >loaded, with no government paperwork or NICS check (its a pre-1895
> >device)
> Roll your own cartridges? Or is there still a source?

You can fire brass cartridges in them. .44-40 and .44-70, for example,
are commonly available cartridges that date back to the day. All you
need is the action to be original. You could build the rest of the gun
around the action with a modern proof barrel, sporter stock, etc.
Magnaflux the action to check metal integrity, and you can shoot modern
smokeless ammo with it.

NOTE: These are still illegal for felons to posess.

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