Re: Baaaad puns and robolambs

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Mon Jan 08 2001 - 22:06:06 MST

> spike wrote: A good
> >GPS aboard the robolamb prevents the well-armed
> >beast from wandering off into town, giving and entirely new
> >meaning to that verse in Revelation 6 regarding people
> >fleeing the wrath of the lamb.
> >
> Justin Corwin wrote:
> here is perfect example of why i think that adults can also be paralyzed by
> laughter as much as children. i laughed for ten straight minutes and was
> unable to perform any schoolwork at all for an hour, running crazed to show
> other people this post. (they, of course, thought it not funny).

Welll, they are just no fun at all. Too bad I can only write good
comedy when Im depressed. {8-| ooops gotta go, Ally McBeal
is on. spike

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