Re: Baaaad puns and robolambs

From: Justin Corwin (
Date: Mon Jan 08 2001 - 13:25:50 MST

>We could think up cutesy brand names for our deadly
>little mechanical sheep, such as... BLamb. Or how about:
>Do Ewe Feel Lucky? Personally, I like: Heeeeere Wolfy
>Wolfy Wolfyyyy...
>Soon a subspecies of wolf would evolve which
>has no appetite whatsoever for sheep or calves. A good
>GPS aboard the robolamb prevents the well-armed
>beast from wandering off into town, giving and entirely new
>meaning to that verse in Revelation 6 regarding people
>fleeing the wrath of the lamb.

here is perfect example of why i think that adults can also be paralyzed by
laughter as much as children. i laughed for ten straight minutes and was
unable to perform any schoolwork at all for an hour, running crazed to show
other people this post. (they, of course, thought it not funny).

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