Re: CULTURE OF GUNS: Interminable Off-Topic Persistence

From: Joe Dees (
Date: Mon Jan 08 2001 - 14:25:36 MST

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>Subject: Re: CULTURE OF GUNS: Interminable Off-Topic Persistence
>Joe Dees wrote:
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>> >Subject: Re: CULTURE: Interesting Chicago Statistics
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>> >Thats why I crossposted my reply to exi-freedom...
>> >
>> That's actually the ONLY place this discussion should be posted, unless you have an exi-freedom II tucked away somewhere. This duplicitously mislabeled thread is about culture in general (as opposed to gun culture) about as much as a debate about abortion is about medicine in general - it ain't! It has been agreed, on this list, to conduct all discussion on this particular issue on the list specifically designed for it; why can't you progun issue extremists control your urges at least enough to keep your word on such an agreement? Is your obsession/compulsion to discuss your mental monorail topic truly beyond your conscious volitional control?
>Is your obsessive/compulsive behavior of militantly self righteous
>moderation and demonizing of others some sort of complex you are taking
>medication for? My crossposting was an attempt to move the discussion
>over. Your response seems to be that you are far more interested in
>being perceived as the 'great white hope' of the self-described liberal
>members of the list. Take your extremist demonization elsewhere.
Exactly the tone an extremist takes towards an assertive moderate; you make my analysis look SOO correct! Move this extremist, list-cannibalizing thread to the list to which it has by majority consensus been banished, unless you truly ARE a proselytizing, propagandizing zombic memebot out of control and unable to restrain yourself!

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