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Date: Mon Jan 08 2001 - 14:51:20 MST

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>Subject: Re: Extremism, was Re: CULTURE OF GAck! Thpthpthpthpthttt!
>"Michael M. Butler" wrote:
>> Joe Dees wrote:
>> <Some valuable and thoughtful commentary elided>
>> >The best way to know when an extremist is about to attack is to listen to them get indignantly
>> >defensive, which typically happens whenever someone does not absolutely agree with them
>> >concerning their pet issue; some sort of physical intimidation or verbal flame is sure to
>> >follow.
>> Yes, _very_ true. And, contrariwise, attacks are not the only sign of
>> extremism, any more than workplace shootings are the only sign of an
>> utterly unhappy worker. But not all extremists, it seems to me, attack
>> directly. Some attack indirectly.
>News flash: I'll be getting more soon, but I just found out through my
>father that one of the Wakefield victims was a friend of my father and
>his coworkers at Ruger. This man was an FFL holder, and a two time
>president of SCAT, a shooting club near Wakefield. Because company
>policy prohibited firearms in the workplace, he had no firearm to defend
>himself and his coworkers in the building during the shooting (a policy
>which the assailant evidently did not obey), despite having a difficult
>to obtain Massachusetts Concealed Weapons Permit. One more statistic
>that only law abiding people obey gun laws, and die for it every day.
>(Yes, Joe, this does belong on exi-freedom... i do encourage everyone to
>move it over there....)
Which is why it never should have been posted here in the first place. BTW, three cheers to Colorado and Oregon; the voters in those states took their schoolhouse mass murders seriously, and passed referendums mandating background checks at gun shows prior to purchase.

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